Sunday, April 18, 2010

Quality links and its impact on SERP

In the world of Search Engine Optimization link building is in the category of off page optimization. Link building is the activity of creating links from various web pages to your site. These links indicate your site to other people and search engines. The more link you build the more rank you achieve.

I think you know what page rank is. We all want a higher page rank. So we need millions of links specially if the competition is high. To do so, we often make mistakes. We exchange links with others. And in this process we often link to bad neighbor hood, who sells links. And this causes Google penalty.

In my opinion there is no alternative to manual link building for good results. And every expert link builder knows what quality back links are. They are keyword reached and from trustworthy pages. Like this one: Affordable quality link building service! or, SEO Bangladesh

A quality link not only increases your pagerank but also helps you ranked in search engine result pages(SERP).

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