Hello, I am Kamrul Hasan from Bangladesh. I do SEO and some small web development works as a freelancer. Usually I work from home. I have been doing SEO since 2007. I have gathered all my experiences by working in various outsourcing IT firms of Bangladesh. I really have brought some sites to first Google pages and made my clients happy.
Providing authentic SEO and quality link building services is wonderful experience. As I can work with various subjects and products and get the opportunity of studding many different things. And winning Google's first SERPs are very much satisfying.

  • Keyword research: Using various keywordtools I can help finding relevant targeted keywords and keyword phrases for any niche.
  • Development Skills: An webpage is the very first place from where SEO processes start. From meta tags to 404 redirects to outgoing nofollow links to various xfn relationships- managing all these things require Development skills. As an experienced webmaster I do know about all those css, xhtml and php stuffs and I know all popular cms like wordpress, joomla, drupal, magento etc. and their plugin management systems that help SEO from the back.
  • Google webmaster tools: This starts with submitting xml site map to Google. ‘Google webmaster tools’ help keeping track of SEO improvements of a site. Indexing your site to Google no longer require submission but it helps.
  • Article Writing and Submission: Article submission is a must for gaining backlinks. Back in the old days folks were submitting one article to many various article directories with just a little tweak. But now Google wants quality not quantity. So, articles need to be unique and informative. Same to any other linkbulding processes and I do all those things like -
  • Press Release Submissions,
  • Blog Posting,
  • Blog Commenting : No spam,
  • Bookmarking and
  • Many other linkbuilding practices including profile creation and networking. Spamming is not allowed.
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