Friday, June 17, 2011

Do SEO to make your site Authentic – KH – SEO Bangladesh.

Before you go for all those monotonous and hard working link-building and SEO stuffs you must remind yourself once again about your Goal. Your goal is to gain places in the first pages of various search engines including Google for your targeted keywords. That’s it. You do not need huge page rank or huge number of backlinks (most of which is spam) unless you get places for your target keywords.

Perhaps you already have realized why I am saying so. Obviously there are lots of websites with high page rank and millions of backlinks but no SERP rankings. They simply don’t show up in the first result pages. Although there are no differences in techniques but there are major differences in approaches! That is why I am saying “authentic way”. However actually there is no such way. Here I simply want to say about making your site, links, social hypes, articles, blogs – every thing to look authentic. And to do so you need to absolutely be cautious about your templates each pixel to your contents each spelling. Even while link building or, posting comments on others blogs – you should not use duplicate content or just spam. After all the content is the king.

Before digging deep here I am going to discus about common steps every SEO takes for his/her sites. And letter I will discuss how to make those monotonous common steps invaluable and interesting.

At first every promising site starts with its dream, its goal. The reality is most of them fails. A vary simple reason is behind of every failure. All of their owners lack of their motivation. They just do not give their 100% behind their dreams. So, it is approach. From first to last your approach and passion decides everything. At this point my advice will be, If you simply do not have enough time or, working behind your site pays you less you can always distribute your workload. Outsource your project. Cheap work force is out there in Asian countries like Bangladesh. Do not try to do everything by yourself.

Now I am going to talk about design and development processes. Perhaps you are thinking what the relation between design, development and seo is. Believe me the answer is massive. An websites structure and internal linking has a great impact on seo. Personally I have found very few sites in any of my searches that have a dull structure and weird design. You need to forget those old table based structure and using lots of images to make your rounded corners looks great in older browsers. Because you need to make your pages light weight so that they can load faster. Go for Css-3 and provide gracefully degraded version to older browser users.

Using CMSs can give you immense freedom in managing contents and maintenance. I will recommend you to use Joomla! If your site is a business website and not a blog. You may ask what if it is a blog? I thing you know the answer – WordPress. Next you need to choose the right components or plug-ins to manage metatags, sitemaps, seo friendly urls, canonical url, breadcrumbs links, outgoing links etc. So, you or, your seo service provider needs to understand from how to create an html link to css tricks of visible/invisible texts to php redirects to what is going on within your Linux server. All these things are important. You also need to make sure backing up your whole site. Unconsciously you can make mistakes. So, better be careful.

Lots more things to say. Make sure you are not linking to a site that is in bad neighborhood, Make sure you are not using images instead of your h1 tags. Use some social sharing buttons bluh bluh bluh.

I have intensions to write about all those things in details in my future posts.
My next post will be on content - the king and some authentic ways of link building. So, stay tuned.

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