Thursday, April 29, 2010

How to find do-follow blogs | Do follow blogs list.

Note: Your intention should be becoming a good traffic for a blog. Participate there with an on-topic meaningful conversation  and try to get some traffic for your blog also.

Links from blogs which does not have nofollow tags can boost your ranking on search engine a lot.
Why? Because blogs are happening places. With continuous fresh contents and new search engine visitors a blog is really a more important place than directories on the net.
So, do follow links from blog comments are valuable.
I know you have already started to think about how to find do follow blogs? And is there any do follow blog finding software? Yes, there are softwares. I will tell you this letter.
However, for the same purpose some people creates and try to find high page ranked do follow blogs lists. There are also some link builder provides blog commenting services and people buy high pr do follow blogs lists.
Ok! Here I am going to show you how to find do follow blogs using Google.
  • At first go to Google blog search then go to advanced blog search. It is a form for your advanced blog search.
  • Fill the first field called "With all of the words:" with "your keywords", "powered by wordpress", "leave a comment", "no comments" etc.
  • Fill the second field called "With the exact phrase:" with "your keywords", "remember my personal information", "notify me of following comments", "keyword luv".
  • Now, go to the 7th field named "at this url:" and fill with .edu or .org etc to find .edu blogs.
That's it. Just search now and you will get the results. Although it is not guaranteed that all blogs will be a do follow. But this search queries do help to find do follow blogs. Just try and you will understand.
Lastly as I promised here is the names of blog finder software. They are "Fast Blog Finder", "G-lock Blog Finder" and there are some others. But I think you do not need these software anymore.


  1. Very Simple Go to Google type
    "dofollow blog list"

    Jenny William

  2. Not so simple. You are targeting blogs only. What about other blogs?

    However, most of the blogs comments section are by default nofollow.

    Just like your one: